Monday, March 14, 2016

Such an Improvement!

Dear W. S.,

Since you came to the University, the grounds have finally starting catching up to the beauty of the buildings and natural surroundings. I really love your work!

I know I spoke to you just a few weeks ago when we ran into each other on the new downtown trail. I thanked you then for the work you've accomplished here, but today I was so startled and delighted as I came off the highway that I went home, changed clothes, and headed right back (before the rain) to snap a few pictures.

Ever since the main entrance to campus was re-routed and the huge stone (and concrete?) sign went up with its bluish light thrown from a lumpy black box, I have averted my eyes and driven further down before turning off. 

Today I didn't.

The sea of daffodils (also found in abundance on the campus this year) and the flood of crocus (I stopped counting at 63) have turned what I think is an eyesore into a welcome springtime delight.

Soon it'll be odonate time, and I look forward to running into at one of the lakes.

With appreciation,

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