Monday, August 22, 2016

Sun Again

It's good to walk around the lake again in full sun, especially in relatively mild weather. I counted 16  species of odonates eating, warming, and mating (Eastern Pondhawk, Blue Dasher, Eastern Amberwing, Wandering Glider, Black Saddlebags, Green Darner, Slaty Skimmer, Widow Skimmer, Common Whitetail, Swift Setwing, Calico Pennant, Banded Pennant, Halloween Pennant, Swamp Spreadwing, Fragile Forktail, Double-striped Bluet [I think]); I watched countless skippers and bees and flies at work in the grasses and wildflowers; I stared at the swirl of chalk-white clouds in sky of different blues, high and low; I chatted with a friend about her recent surgery and together we found and relocated a swallowtail caterpillar.

But what stopped me was this.

Cardinal flowers, lilies, water, sun reflections. I couldn't stop staring and snapping.

After needed rain, everyone and everything is grateful for beauty.

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