Friday, October 28, 2016

Haptic Learning

Before my cashier could look up the item code, the one next to us provided it. She said, "It's always better to ask. You'll remember the codes faster that way."

She wasn't with a customer, so I asked her, "Why?"

"I learn by listening," she said. "I learned all the codes within a couple of weeks."

"Aha! I'm a teacher, so I know what you mean. Some folks are natural auditory learners."

My cashier said, "That's not me. I learn best just by trying to do something."

"Right, me too," I said. "That's haptic learning: just do it till you figure it out." 

Later, at the lake, I stumbled across the HDR option in my long camera menu (I was looking for something else, of course), but I saw it, so I chose it. I gave it go. After checking a  photo or two, I quickly discovered that I had better shoot at higher ISO. I also realized I needed to shoot at the limited option (a macro lens to begin with wasn't ideal for leaf reflections, but so what?). At home, I looked at the photos and then realized I had met the limits of my learning. A quick glance at the directions proved fruitful: shoot in Auto. Duh.

I could sure use an auditory GX8 guide beside me just like the young woman at The Pig. Until then, . . . .

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