Sunday, November 13, 2016


Waiting for a shopper to complete her payment at Register 3, I saw the Pig and the number 3 above the counter, opened the camera, focused, and got off three quick shots before I realized the checker had already scanned four of my items.

"Oops! Sorry," I said.

"It's all right, honey. I know how you like to take pictures," she said, ringing up my lettuce.

After wheeling my cart back to the cage, I noticed the SAS school bus, doors closed, revealing interior and exterior all at once. I walked toward the bus and took a few shots before the driver (whom I know) returned.

I apologized.

"No problem!"

"It's compulsive," I said.

He smiled, got in, and left the door open.

I took several more picture before slinking back to my car.

Every trip to the Pig is an adventure.

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