Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letterpress Cards

Just the other day I encountered an editorial by someone criticizing folks for using Christmas cards without religious scenes and messages. The speaker said it was a recent phenomenon and blamed the "secularization" of the culture for this breach of religious faith.

I found the comment an odd one, given that my parents made our Christmas cards, beginning in the early 1940s. Good Episcopalians both, their cards featured the family, even our pets. The oldest card I have shows my brothers in a small boat, fishing. Some time ago, I wrote about another showing my brothers and me dressed as angelic choir members.

Among the cards I've received this year is a beautiful one from a good friend who enclosed tiny notes made by Yee-Haw Industries. Cathy knows that I love design, paper, and letterpress, and she knows that I appreciate her thoughtfully selected remembrance.

Surely hers is a message filled with the spirit of the season.

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