Saturday, February 20, 2010


In a New York Times article (9 Feb. 2010) titled "Will You Be E-Emailing This Column? It's Awesome" by John Tierney, this statement appears: "[Awe] involves the opening and broadeningof the mind,’ write Dr. Berger and Dr. Milkman, who is a behavioral economist at Wharton. ‘Seeing the Grand Canyon, standing in front of a beautiful piece of art, hearing a grand theory or listening to a beautiful symphony may all inspire awe. So may the revelation of something profound and important in something youor seeing a causal connection between important things and seemingly remote causes."

And so, an awesome dozen snaps of the ordinary over one month:

1. Fog

2. Tornado swath

3. Handmade paper nest with eggs

4. Dogwood bud

5. Cardinal in freezing fog

6. Silver trees

7. Barberry nipple

8. Allee

9. Blue sky

10. Stained glass reflection

11. Pileated woodpecker

12. Pansy

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