Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Trails and Trilliums

What I learned this week:

1.  Do not trust the art supply store salesperson who says, "We use artist's tape for hinging and affixing art to the backing board." Next time, buy two totally different products.

2. Learn how to set up a photograph in Photoshop so that there will be a wide margin of blank photo paper running around all four sides. This will ensure a more professional appearance.

3. Remember that reds and blues might blow out in printing.

4. Sign before matting.

5. Value the work more. Arrayed on my dining room table in their crisp mats, my photographs look pretty dadgum good.

for Trails and Trilliums


Anonymous said...

They look awesome from the photograph too!

Robley H said...

Thanks, Joni!

Hoodlum said...

They would make a wonderful calendar for 2014! Something cheerful and beautiful for every month -- even the gloomy ones!