Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Over Dessert at the Frist Center

RH: I'm surprised by something.

FH: What? (finishing a bite of the lemoncello cake)

RH: In the Islamic art exhibit, there were lots of people, spending time before each work -- the grave steles, textiles, illuminated pages. I was surprised that  so many people wanted to see that exhibit. The guards were so relaxed, even when one woman (wearing the headset for the guided tour) set off the alarm three or four times, all by accident when her raincoat brushed the barrier wire. No one was spewing hateful comments about Islam or the countries represented.

FH: I noticed that, too.

RH: I imagined that people wouldn't be respectful. (chewing her chocolate cake morsel, swallowing) But maybe it's because people who go to an art museum self-select?

FH: Maybe. They could be different. More interested in the world?

RH: Maybe.

FH: I'd like to think the others -- the other ones -- are in the minority.

RH: Yes, me too. (noticing the tree reflected by the tabletop, pulling out the camera, snapping several pictures) Those others reflect badly on the rest of us.

FH: Yes. Yes, they do.

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