Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Haunts Me

A wide excision for melanoma more than thirty years ago has revisited me in an unexpected way: significant leg and ankle swelling. Brought on my bad sprain the first Saturday in September, this spectacular inflammation has been, literally and figuratively, a pain. 

After an x-ray, I waited for the doctor and counted the holes in a ceiling light.

Such a result, he said, is normal for melanoma patients like me, though most suffer this effect soon after the surgery. The inflammation of deep tissues may last, and last, and last. I left enlightened, and disappointed.

Finding the "right" camera has been a years-long pursuit. But I may have made the next important step yesterday. After seeing the doctor and searching Nashville for expensive compression knee-highs (not covered by insurance, naturally), I dropped by Dury's to make a Christmas list of camera accessories. Much to my surprise, four-thirds camera and lens I ordered had arrived. 


Until I recover my energy and return from a quick overnight trip, it shall remain in the bag.

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