Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feeling the Walmart Love on Valentine's Day

Two luscious fruits in one day: ripe raspberries and blood oranges.

Standing at my buggy, puzzled about which aisle to take, I witnessed:

Spiky-haired Man: Hey, I like your hair!

Spiky-haired Stranger Woman: Thanks!

Spiky-haired Stranger Woman pointing to Spiky-haired Man's hair and laughing

Spiky-haired Man, on passing Spiky-haired Stranger Woman, turning back, smiling widely: I really like your hair!

Spiky-haired Stranger Woman smiled and turned into the aisle in front me.

A man and his daughter (maybe 5?) looked and looked and looked and looked at the flower-filled display till she exclaimed, "These!" He lifted the child and she chose a bunch of red roses.

Low flying gulls in the parking lot, nesting, jostling, riding the air.

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