Friday, February 19, 2016


Dear F,

I have of late felt housebound, probably because of the weather and cold, gray skies.

Today, to break the spell, I took a drive to Stevenson, AL, hoping to see lots of birds. I wanted especially to see cranes (Sandhills in particular). Alas, just diving ducks and gulls and one Great Blue Heron floated and dove stood and flew. So I drove home the long way, up through Bridgeport and South Pittsburg, along Jumpoff Mountain Road, and even then I was still restless.

So I went down to Abbo's Alley on the campus. And there I saw flowers starting in earnest: snowdrops of the kind you wrote "These make me happy" on Facebook, Lenten Roses, the first crocus (yellow and white), and tiny white blossoms (whose identity I forget every year) clinging to the stones marking the path. So many daffodil and bluebell leaves are pushing u, promising a good bloom this spring.

When three fraternity boys wandered down toward me, one holding a beer (it's Friday afternoon after all, the temp is warm, the sun strong), they asked, "Have you got some good pictures?" And I shared them. The boys, like you, were complimentary and wanted to know the flowers' names and where to look for them.

I wish you could see them live and in situ, but since you can't, I hope you'll enjoy these photos. (By the way, they'll improve when I have figured out my new camera and even better when I can afford a macro lens.)



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