Friday, April 22, 2016

Failures of Communication

"H-e-l-l-o-o-o-o!" I nearly shouted

A woman starting to walk across the dam called in response, "Hi!"

How could I possibly explain that I wasn't talking to her (I hadn't even seen her)? I decided to tell her the truth. "I'm sorry, I didn't even see you. I was exclaiming about the large dragonfly that just flew past me!"

She laughed and said, "I understand," and walked on.

Good thing she didn't also hear me curse about 

A. the lack of light

B. my inability to find the right position (including sitting in the mud with one foot on a rock to the left and the other parting leaves beside a rock on the right) to photograph and video this emerging Lancet Clubtail


C. my complete failure to capture even one decent snap of the large dragonfly: the first Stream Cruiser of the season. At least I know what one looks like, so IDing is easy (see that blur at left edge?)

Now if I can just befriend my camera and make Lightroom stop closing down every time I try to use it.


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