Saturday, April 30, 2016

Things I Learned This Week

Sewanee is home to the Aurora Damsel, the 27th species of damselfly I've identified and photographed on the Domain.

I may be the Dragonfly Whisperer of the Domain: I walked to my neighbor's yard and saw one hawking overhead; I walked out of the cashier's office at the College and saw another hawking near the Chapel; I drove home and saw a third one as soon as I stepped out of the car. (Does this happen to everyone?)

Strong sun turns the grimy porch deck into a shadowed cage, trapping dove and airplane.

Skipping a photowalk on another overcast day can be relaxing and productive.

My niece loved my gift of a cellphone case featuring my poppy photograph.

The best laid plans will go wrong at the worst possible moment; even skillful medical personnel can find tick nymphs virtually impossible to grab and pull from flesh; the Nashville Friday rush hour apparently begins at 3:30pm.

Ticks love the pine straw mulch in my neighbor's gardens. Four ticks in as many days are four ticks too many, even if the resulting photos are beautiful. 

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