Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Little Rain

fell today, off and on, slowly.

But not enough to amount to much (0.67 inches).

We need more.

Much more.

The fellow who maintains Sky Castle weather station posted this today on Facebook: "Week of July 18th had more 90º+ days (5) than the previous 3 years combined in Sewanee. 2 consecutive summers, 2013 and 2014, Sewanee did not reach 90º. 2015 had four 90º+ days. 2016 so far has had TEN 90º+ days. Thurs. July 21st was the hottest day in at least 4 yrs (94.8º). Sewanee Sky Castle weather station."

I have been thinking about the heat and drought on my walks and every time I look at my own yard and the woods behind.

The folks at the farm have been working hard to keep the crops going and the animals growing. Carolyn should know, since she's the Farm Manager.

She and her rotating crews (folks in the school years, folks in the summer, including 16 VISTA Americorps members for a time earlier with the University-led summer meal program for children on the mountain) work no matter the weather. During the school year and in breaks, she teaches students about farming and works alongside them, with their products benefiting a wider community.

Her enthusiasm and smile infectious. Her work, important.

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