Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hiatus Ended with a Day of Bugs

Before I even turned off my car in the huge Walmart parking lot, I noticed a hawking Black Saddlebags, high, behind my car. I got out, I watched, and I noticed passersby looking at me, puzzled.

Two hours later, I walked down a hospital corridor after a visit. About 15 feet from the doorway, I noticed a Green Darner banging the ceiling light for escape. To the man at the doors, I said, "Dragonfly!" He said, "Yes!" I walked past him, opened the door, and followed the dragonfly outside.

Walking into the kitchen to check on dinner, I noticed the orange-red antennae of the largest of two bugs on the deck post. I grabbed a camera and headed out.

On Facebook I posted, "Does this happen to everyone? I drove 18 miles to pick up a prescription at Walmart and before I could open my car door, I saw a Black Saddlebags cruising the lot, hawking. Then I drove those 18 miles home and visited an elderly friend in the hospital. When I walked down the corridor to leave, I saw a Green Darner in the hallway trying to get out. I opened the door and followed him. No pictures. Just a comment. Ever since I started noticing odonates some years ago, I see them everywhere." The first response, from the most famous American ode expert and author, read, "Indeed it does, Robley." Another watcher wrote, "Yes, and I am much happier for those moments."

Me too.

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