Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Tour

Gracie wonders what Chill Water means. (So does Robley.)

Gracie looks all ways before crossing University Avenue. (Robley wishes everyone would since she came within a foot of being broadsided by a stop-sign-running SUV loaded with party-hard girls only the day before.)

Gracie admires All Saints', but she doesn't go to church. (Robley does and doesn't too.)

Gracie likes strolling on campus. (Robley does too.)

Gracie is charmed by The Sewanee International Frisbee Golf Course. (Robley is puzzled.)

Swallowing a chunk of cheese pizza snatched from the grass, Gracie believes she makes Sewanee stronger and truer. (Robley isn't so sure she does.)

Both Gracie and Robley stare and listen in astonishment to the drunk male students leaning out a frat house window catcalling a barely dressed young woman stumbling through the front door and up the yard to a waiting car. Gracie and Robley shake their heads and walk on; they pass another frat house, where three male students are cleaning up the yard from their Saturday party. Gracie is impressed. (Robley is too.)

At home,Gracie welcomes her dog treat and sits with her mother and Robley. Gracie is happy. (Robley is too.)

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