Friday, March 3, 2017

Caught in the Act

A walk to Sewanee Auto to pick up my car was a bit slower than I intended. First, there was the ladder truck at the dorm up the street. I had to make sure it was just practice (I'm pretty sure it was). Then there were the hyacinths popping up out of a renewed bed at the corner of the drive up to the Chapel of the Apostles. The Superintendent of Landscape Planning & Operations, a great guy, has done such spectacular work, and every season I see something new. Then there was the yellow fixture above the speed limit sign on Tennessee. Red-yellow, blue sky: what's not to like? I finally made it to University Avenue, but stopped twice to admire flowers and once to photograph the side mirror of a truck, all at three different homes. Just before passing Otey, I noticed the reflection of the steeple in the stained glass window I photographed a few days ago. Outside the post office, I noticed the vertical shadows and horizontal blinds, and walked in. I started snapping, and suddenly heard, "Saw the light, right?" The Vice-Chancellor's wife noticed what I had. "I did! I sure hope it's not illegal to photograph post boxes." "Surely not," she replied. Even after paying for my car, I couldn't get in it because the gaudy chartreuse crosswalk sign was reflected in Locals' window, requiring my amble across the street.

Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done.

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