Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Win!

Dear Jonathan,

You were right! The dragonfly we watched emerge this morning turned out to be . . . a female . . . Widow Skimmer.

First, the wings threw me off and I thought Common Baskettail. But I knew the abdomen tip didn't belong to a baskettail.

Then the color threw me off. I thought Lancet Clubtail because of the yellow stripes on the thorax shoulders and sides. But the body was too thick, and later I remembered that the only clubtails I had seen emerge were on rocks at water's edge. (They are ground and rock perchers, after all. Duh.)

After you left I stayed for another half an hour or so, and slowly the truth revealed itself. 

I hope you enjoy these photographs and your detective work. Good job!


PS Let's do it again sometime!
8:06:27 am
8:47:27 am
9:22:29 am
9:29:30 am
9:40:27 am
9:49:19 am

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