Thursday, October 29, 2015

Photo Opps/Photo Oops

One Photo Opp, One Oops

All the slow way round the lake, I thought of only one thing: finding a Blue-faced Meadowhawk. Last year I saw one; the year before none; the year before that three. I reallyreallyreally wanted to see another. Finally, along the path toward the beach, one landed some distance ahead of me. Time for two quick shots; no time to focus properly or adjust the camera.

At home, I see what I expected: a poor photograph. And then I see what I didn't expect: signs of wear and tear. This is an old guy.

I wonder if he'll be around tomorrow?

The Second Oops
Trying to shoot the much sought-after meadowhawk, I realized I could no longer depress the rotation wheel on my camera, thus disabling many of the functions I like most.

One More Opp
At home, I accessed my Square Trade Warranty. YES! As I thought, I paid for two years. The camera is covered! Now I wait and see.

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