Friday, February 10, 2017

Gracie's Very Big Day

Licked ice and investigated a discarded plastic food tray.

Declared the liquor and wine bottles, beer cans, and huge plastic Sun Drop bottle lining the lake disgraceful.

Pointed at a bird and nest and leapt in fear when said bird flew away.

Beamed in sunshine.

Wandered the perimeter of the lower field and drank from the stream.

Studied an angel and listened politely to a lady chat about her daily visit to her husband's and two children's graves.

Enjoyed the big pet offered by a VISTA volunteer who loves her time in Sewanee.

Sniffed a pole while her walker snapped reflections on spotless University vans.

Accepted a biscuit for being a good girl on her return home after an hour-and-a-half walk.

Then bolted through the door and ran in big circles for about twenty minutes before plopping on her porch!

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