Friday, January 16, 2009


A friend in Maine sent a photograph this morning:In answer, I took this one:While we shiver some 1,200 miles from each other, we both embrace winter, its furies and beauties. The deer crossing my yard several times a day struggle to find the food they need; the raccoon on a friend's deck last evening scrounged in her bird feeder for a little something; the people I know are bundling up, staying inside, drinking hot tea and coffee while they work or read or clean or compute. Everyone is talking about the temperature. Me, too.

I like the seasons, even this one, that turns year to year, on a sharp edge, an acidic cleansing that pierces and promises spring.

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Sarah Laurence said...

It is way too cold! It was minus 18 yesterday morning in Maine and minus 14 today. I really want to read the NYT book review, but I'm too scared to step outside.

I love Trink’s sense of humor and that lovely photo of a stone wall. It’s so nice to connect with you. Stay warm!