Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nourishment of Friendship

I've been blessed with the nourishing force of friendship over the last several days .

I am now an honorary member of McGehee's Class of 1977, thanks to my continuing relationships with a set of girls I once taught and still love. Their humor and strength as they face a significant age marker have lifted my spirits.
A more recent (though no less valued) friend re-gifted me with a whole, spiral-cut ham, providing thirteen freezer bags of delicious protein when my larder is low. A slice sure made a great middle for my eggs and toast at lunch.
Several months ago, a truly local friend told me about a new Chattanooga charter school (Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy), which sponsored a recruiting session this morning. There, three dynamic women spoke powerfully about the betterment of young women's futures through education. Their passion, vision, and commitment sparked the spirits of every educator in the room.

Taking part in the venture of living: friendship.

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