Monday, April 15, 2013

No Escape

A dozen or more dragonflies emerged this morning while I made my rounds. The Springtime Darner, the largest of them, anchored itself to the stems and hung steadily despite some strong gusts. One Blue Corporal emerged on a blade topped by a spider and web. The Corporal, oblivious to the danger and helpless anyway, obeyed its biology, heaved itself up, and proceeded to lengthen. As I passed, I thought about what might happen when I left, but I moved on anyway.

Later, I learned of the bombings in Boston, where runners and audience had been enjoying beautiful weather at a historic race. I watched the explosion on the news and saw  two yellow-coated officials run away from an elderly runner who had fallen in shock. 

Even at the beginning and in the height of living, threatening things await us all, over which we have little or no control. As for myself, instead of turning away, I hope I would move toward rescue -- especially of the vulnerable.

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