Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Extra!

Yesterday began at 6 AM and ended at 11 PM, with no time (for the first time in a really long time) to blog. To make up for it, I shall write a second post today.

Last night, I attended the gala opening of Trails and Trilliums, a fund-raising round of activities in support of South Cumberland State Park. I was selected as one of the exhibiting artists. I freely admit that I was pleased to see my photographs hang with those of two other photographers, one an amateur like me and the other a professional.

Best of all, though, was an opportunity to show off my pictures and talk about them to friends. Four even sold (to three sets of friends, but still).

Hanging from my desk lamp, my badge declares me artist, reminding  me of just how much I've learned -- about biology and photography -- in the last several years.

Update: Seven photographs were sold, contributing needed money to a good cause!

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