Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Days, Two Nymphs

April 12

Walking on the rocky lip of land opposite the beach, I saw the nymph, soaked, atop a stone a foot or so from the water.

I thought, Oh my God! S/he's drowned!

Then I heard the comedian's dah-dum-dum drum.

Uh, hello, Robley? Anybody home? S/he's in the aquatic state!
When I came back round, there the Stream Cruiser still was, drying and looking a bit crunched.

April 13

Walking along the same path today, but in the opposite direction, I saw a shadow, swimming. A nymph! An actual dragonfly nymph swimming! He or she swam into a set of stems and then hung, casually, upside down, and just as he or she will do when emerged, the nymph began grooming. 
Not the same nymph, of course, but still . . . 

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