Friday, November 20, 2015

I Am Not Really Writing About What I Could Write About

which would be the horrifying images of families stuck between borders, late in the fall, moving into winter, sleeping on the ground, in tatters, because I thought of them when I saw this Common Buckeye, warming himself after a cold night and a long season.

Instead, I'll write about my double vision in general. 

Sometimes, I see something and think of another thing (see above), and sometimes I see something and think I am seeing it in a way that wasn't possible before Photoshop. Like the trees along the path where the Autumn Meadowhawks mate in droves and their reflection in Lake Cheston. 

I played with the photo, processing the top and bottom in different ways and adjusted the color and contrast separately until it looks like what I saw, but what I saw is not what it looked like to someone else.

Nothing looks the same to anyone.

Witness, photograph number 1.

Witness, the current xenophobia in this country.

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