Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gone to My Happy Place


My friend Julie challenged her friends to post to her Sangha Shrines Project and shared this video.


Tonight on CBS News, a segment featured Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, a proponent of mindfulness and supporter of a SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) program in which school children quiet themselves during the school day. The video stated that reading scores had leaped as a result of the  meditation practice, but even more movingly, a young girl explained that practicing mindfulness has helped prevent fighting among her classmates. "We just go to our happy place," she said.


Today, as I do just about every day, I went to my happy place: Lake Cheston. I had to drive around a car parked in the middle of the entrance road (a baseball player or, more likely, a coach), and I had to tune out the diggers and haulers of heavy construction noise in the distance, but both were easy to do as soon as I saw the sky and the geese.


My shrine is bug, bird, fish, water, sky, leaf, bud, flower, bark, moss, lichen, wind, fog, . . . .

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