Saturday, May 4, 2013


Days of rain, the drenching, soaking, flooding kind, make for a kind of restlessness that fogs my mind and trembles down through my feet. I invent reasons to drive down to the bank or over to the grocery, just so I can escape the house. But I do not escape the cover of car.

Returning from one of those unnecessary trips this afternoon (disappointed because I couldn't walk the lake with my camera, secured in an inside pocket of my rain jacket), I found a small web and even tinier spider couched between door and window frame.

But it was the rusty tiger crane fly (Nephrotoma ferruginea) that made me smile. I have seen many of these, floating like loose-limbed fairies up from spring's  grasses, but this one was trapped -- momentarily -- in the web. Not wound yet, it stretched in the silk, unable to escape.

I snapped its picture and thought of my weather entrapment, and released it (reasoning that the spider had plenty of other trapped bugs), and watched the fly hunker by my concrete cat on the porch deck.

TraI enjoyed a photo-walk after all.

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