Monday, May 13, 2013

Hearts for Mimi

When I taught her, Mimi didn't think of herself as a student. At least, I don't think she did. She didn't quite focus. But she was imaginative: she had "a green thumb of mind," about which she wrote, and I remember that she made art with delight.

But what I didn't know then (but do know now) is that she harbored a secret desire to cook, and to cook well. She does that now and has for some time with apparent skill and finesse.

After working as executive chef under a famous chef, she has opened her own catering service, started a Supper Club, and gone into business for herself full time. She is already garnering praise, clientele, and awards

Mimi's heart expands itself into her dishes. When I see her food, photographed so beautifully, I think of her new baby named Arrow shot straight from her and her partners' hearts. The love she finds in herself and others makes its way onto the plate and into the hearts of those she serves.

On her Facebook wall, she collects photographs of hearts found here and there: a cut radish or bit of moss, a leaf or shadow. This set of hearts strung down the abdomen of a new Calico Pennant is for Mimi, a stellar student of living.

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