Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lens Envy

Two days ago, I walked with a friend carrying a Nikon fitted with a 100mm macro lens.

Here's one photo he shot.
© Greg Petropoulos
Meanwhile, here's my best shot of an equally tiny bug.
Here's my response to his email:

Dear Greg,

That is the camera and lens I want and need.

I am now totally miserable.

I still like you, but . . . please tell me how I can afford that equipment.

Thank you,Robley

Then what? Emails to him and another friend about entry-level DSLRs, macro lenses, Canon and Nikon, and lots of plotting on my part to scratch up the money.

But first, I wonder. 

What image could I have gotten today of this female damselfly (newly out of the aquatic state) with Greg's equipment? Would I have had to take nearly a hundred shots as I did this morning to get something spectacular instead?
Up next: finagling another walk and a request to borrow the equipment for a shot or two. 

Stay tuned!

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