Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leftovers Plus One

1. Wednesday, June 19
Lucky duck: to have the sheen of teal to grow into.

2. Thursday, June 20
Early morning. 
Dew dots a dropped feather. 
A study in line and sphere.

3. Friday, June 21
Up a tree on a dark path, Bluets struggled to mate, an action made awkward by mites. A spotlit high-wire performance.

4. Saturday, June 22
Spun into a shimmering wheel, the Slender Bluet has begun her slow ascent to a spider's lair. I try hard not to play favorites and remind myself that everybody eats.

5. Sunday, June 23
I might sleep sheltered by bee balm too, given the chance, and surrender myself to sumptuous technicolor dreams.

6. Monday, June 24
There are worse ways to begin a day than watching a watcher watching the coming of light.

7. Tuesday, June 25
Welcome, old friend: the Blue-fronted Dancer skips along the shadowed path, bouncing from pebble to leaf like a tiny aqua miracle.

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