Monday, June 17, 2013

What This Blog Can't Have

If this blog could have sound, it would have the dry flick-clicking of wing against wing; the tip-tapping of water spiders skating across the lake's surface; the whispered rustle of drying buds as the Swift Setwing shifts the prongs of its legs, the slow drip of the one raindrop still clinging to its claspers; the lake runoff crashing down the hillside below the dam; the hawk's scream, twice, and the crow's insistent caws from the woods beyond; the clap and slop of runner's feet; the one small plash of a Common Baskettail dropping all of her eggs in one white string into the water just beyond my right hand and my exclaimed Holy cow!

But a blog can't have sound.

(suggested by the foreword to Gary Paulsen's The Winter Room)

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