Thursday, January 14, 2016

A New Trail to Town

I strolled down the new/old path to town today. It follows the route between the School of Theology and two different residential streets.

I've always known I could walk down this hill, but I'd never done it till today. What a fascinating window into "old" Sewanee (a dilapidated wooden structure -- a cottage? a chicken coop? --, a pile of old bed springs, discarded buckets and helmet and general trash, a small bridge, a second wood sculpture (like the large one near Lake Cheston), and a running stream (the notorious one that caused one resident headaches because of continual moisture in the basement of her new house). Above me on one side, I recognized folks' back yards and the elementary school, lower down a newish development known as Parson's Green; on the other high side, I passed the Tennessee Williams Center and houses on the street I usually take to the highway.

I enjoyed the walk, and I even happened (once) upon an option in my new camera: Double Exposure!

Pity I couldn't figure out how to do it again. I guess it's coming time to break out the maddeningly unclear instructions.

But that can wait till another day.

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