Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something Frightening This Way Came

BigAssCat, sleeping in the chair next to me, suddenly sprang into action at the same time I did when we heard Doodlebug scramble down the hallway, turn the corner, and fly under the dining room table. When I finally coaxed her out, she ran into the study, fur still fluffed, and hid under the futon, cowering. Perhaps three or so minutes later, tail still puffed, she managed to stand near me, alert and focused on the doorway into the hall.

I decided to investigate. 

I looked out the living room windows into the darkness. Nothing. 

I looked out onto the deck into darkness. Nothing. 

I turned on the deck lights. Nothing. 

I went to the entry, peered through the window at the little lit deer, and something appeared. On opening the door, I found tracks -- lots and lots and lots of them.

Tracks emerged from or disappeared into the yard toward the street, and into the scrubby clearing or trees toward both neighbors' houses, into the darkness alongside my own house, and straight across the length of the porch, where the scooped snow undulated in waves. 

This is most certainly where Doodlebug must have seen or heard them, as she was probably sleeping in the chair by the front porch windows.

I do not know who visited, and I do not know where they went, but I do hope two things: A/ that they did not find shelter under or in my house, and B/ that they do find a warm place for the night.

Addendum: Immediatly after pressing Publish, I looked for the cats and found both of them on the chair, their heads parting the curtains, noses pressed to the window. Looks like the little one isn't so afraid if the big one is with her.

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