Saturday, June 18, 2016

Almost Famous

I heard them behind me before I saw them: one couple and two women, going opposite directions, both stopping to ask, "What are you looking at?"

"Dragonflies." I pointed. "See straight over there, in front of the bank? There's a big one depositing eggs. She's slapping the water and coming back up."

"Yes," they all responded.

"Great Blue Skimmers," I said.

"Wait! Are the one who wrote the article?" one of the women walkers asked.

I admitted as much and they wanted to know more. So I told them more about what I wrote in Nature Notes (page 14 of The Sewanee Mountain Messenger).

They went on their way and I, mine.

What I didn't tell them is this: I spent the better part of the day taking bad picture after bad picture. But dadgum it was fun. Now that I have the right waterproof hiking shoes and a fancy new lens, I don't care about quality or fame. Just give me the opportunity to climb around, find beautiful bugs, and shoot!

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