Friday, June 17, 2016

Note to Another Ode Watcher on the Mountain

Dear S.,

I sure wish I could take you on a stroll up or down the SOT-Sewanee Village trail, but I know you'd never make it with that cast.

The only reason I walked that trail today was boredom with all the same old odes -- skimmers, fragiles, pennants, the regulars of summer. I thought I'd walk with my macro lens, go down the trail and into town, then through the campus back home. Perhaps I'd find a few insects or some leaves or even some trinkets in shops or window reflections.

Instead I saw this magnificent dragonfly. Wish you could see it too! (Oh, and besides this Arrowhead Spiketail, I also saw a Gray Petaltails and loads of Ebony Jewelwings.)


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