Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Conversations, One Lake

Up at the pavilion, someone's engaged in a loud argument.

She: Stop it! I could have you arrested!

He: Yeah? Well I could have you arrested!

She: Call them off! That's illegal. That's dangerous!

He: Oh yeah? Make me! I'll have you put in jail.

She: You've been in jail!

He: Well so what? You have been to!

She: I'm not kidding! That's child dangering or something!

He: Oh really? Make me stop!

She: STOP it! Now!

A youngish father and mother walk downhill, he carrying swimming stuff and she a baby in a backpack. At the bench opposite me, they carefully unpack everything: she slathers the child with sunscreen and he sets up the float.

Me: That is the cutest floatie! (on seeing an adorable little circular floatie in which the child is seatbelted and sheltered by an inflatable canopy)

She: We found it at Fred's for only five dollars!

Me: Wow! You're kidding! I hope it works!

He: We do too!

They get in the water and secure the child.

He: Grrrrrr . . . (popping raspberry sounds puckered on the plastic)

Baby: high-pitched squeals of delight

She: baby-talking and spinning the floatie Here we go!

More of the same. And on and on it went, delightfully, for another half hour, in the water and out. 

Climbing the hill, I heard birds chirping. Today, everyone had something to say.  

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