Thursday, June 23, 2016

Another Instructive Photo Failure

Abbo's Alley, late afternoon in summer. Hunched on the ground, a woman of a certain age, pointing a camera down toward the bank's edge. Darkness to the left and behind, bright light low on the right, bouncing off water. Rap music pounding a beat from a basement apartment at Alley's Edge, reverberating. 

Enter three walkers of a certain age, one woman, two men, each with a small dog -- one Yorkie, two Westies. They're talking. Only a few words are audible outside their group.

Yorkie Walker:  Some of the best writing I've seen. Two Chinese students. Never wrote in English till they came to the University. Just beautiful composition, so . . . .

A bit further into the Alley.

Female Westie Walker: George . . . ?

Yorkie Walker: Elliot?

Male Westie Walker:  Henry George Lewes!

Female Westie Walker: Yes, that's right!

Heading back later.

Yorkie Walker: You know what novel I'd like to read? One about her relationship with her father. Now that . . .

Woman photographer stands.

Photographer: D****t!

Photographer walks back to the path, is soon followed by the dog walkers.

This Alley reverberates still.

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