Monday, May 9, 2016

After Commencement

Yesterday, they graduated.

Some left yesterday; some today; some will hang around.

A walk at one of the two campus lakes depressed me as much as the cold, gray weather. Litter. Everywhere. Beer bottles, take-out containers, liquor bottles, cigarette butts, books. Someone somewhere could have used this one.

I can't help wondering if the parents ever notice the junk their children fling about.

Other community members do. One sent out an email on the Classifieds system noting the perfectly good mattresses and box springs left outside the house next to the post office. Because it's supposed to rain, she suggested someone might want to scavenge them.

Need I say this?

I shall anyway.

The folks who lived in that house are students.

Ah privilege. Ah disposable culture. Ah entitlement.

On the upside: odonates don't seem to care about the trash.

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