Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Illegal Alien"

Google multiflora rose and you might discover that it's an invasive species. Its thickets apparently provide erosion control (they appear to help on the Cheston dam) but they also crowd out native species.

I don't think I actually care (perhaps because I don't fight them in my own yard).

In fact, I love them, for their perching ease (I'll never forget the Lancet Clubtail drying out atop one several years ago) and for their beauty. The blossom's deep pink bleaches in sun, reminding me of stiff white cotton sheets, wrinkled and holding their wrinkles. 

Most roses I can take or leave (the odor always for the taking), but this one I love. By any name -- rambler or seven-sisters rose -- it's a beauty.


mearthman said...

Dr. Hood! It's your old student, Margaret Earthman. I think of you often and would love to catch up with you!

Robley H said...

How, Margaret?