Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Terrain

A friend drove the car (and I drove her crazy since we're both used to driving ourselves), and we went to a new destination for both of us: the Riding Reflection Arboretum and Nature Center at the base of Lookout Mountain. What a beautiful site.

Leaving behind the schoolchildren (apparently the center welcomes schoolchildren every day of year, which is fantastic for them, not so much for adults who long for respite), we headed up The Riding, a beautiful winding drive or walk that includes mountain views, ponds, creek access, meadows, wild animals in captivity (because of injuries or inability to return to the wild), historical markers about "bold" Confederates during the Battle of Lookout Mountain, wildflowers, horses, greenhouse, and odonates (of course).

I especially loved, and I think my friend S. did as well, the Indian Pinks, a native wildflower I'd never before seen. (Naturally, I had the wrong lens, thinking twice before leaving home and then deciding to leave the macro at home.) 

I shall, however, return.

Often, I hope.

What a wonderful place I only happened upon thanks to the Internet. And what a lovely outing, complete with sunshine.

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