Sunday, May 22, 2016

Seriously, Wiki How?

Coping with Acute Instances of Frustration

1. Learn your triggers. That's easy: trying to use a macro lens on teeny tiny, fast-moving odes in the shadows.

2. Avoid triggers whenever possible. W-h-a-t??? How will I get better and any less frustrated by avoiding the thing that I want to learn?

3. Practice stress-management breathing. Got this one. I can barely breathe when I walk with a camera because it's so exciting.

4. Manage your expectations. (I'll leave out the "of others" part since it's expectations of myself and my photography skills.) I pretty much expect to fail right now, so I've got this one.

 5. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself questions, like "Are things really as I perceive them?" Well, yes, the pictures aren't any good. "What might I be missing here?" Skill built from practice?

6. View frustration as "delayed success" rather than "failure." Got that: If I'm not frustrated, I'm not learning anything. (But. I sure as heck can't wait till I feel the flow again.)

To wit: Twenty minutes shooting this one flower and its shadow, never quite figuring out how to frame and focus the shot.

One more thing, Wiki How: didn't anybody ever mention that some frustration is a good thing and actually a lot of fun?

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